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Removed All Old Products Access


Hey, I know you are upset on me, but I am really sorry to remove all of my old products from the store. It is really a tough decision I was trying take last few months.

I even removed my Gold products (Woocommerce Smart Export) plugin as well. Main reasone of removing old products is because with WordPress 5.0 there are a lot of changing will come, you may say some major updated.

I want to focus on new trends, new technology. This is why I removed access. But it not mean they removed permanently, off course all of them will be available once meet the new system requirements.

Right now, I am planning to focus more on themes, instead plugins. Within this week, I will release around 5 to 7 very light and fast WordPress theme. Some of them can be download free, and some will be paid.

Once again I am really sorry for removing your favorite plugins from the store.

Thanks and please stay with me, stay with Themology.

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