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Easily integrate Video with Product gallery: Woocommerce Videos Plugin allows you to add any type of video to your products. It’s fully integrated with Woocommerce and supports Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5 or even Soundcloud!

Add popup buttons: Add your videos as pop up buttons, place them anywhere you like and style them as you like. You can change color, padding, margin, alignment and even border-radius.

Embed or Upload: Add a youtube or Vimeo video as a source, or use a web safe format like MP4, YOu can then choose it you want the video to autoplay.

Embed Sound: Because enough is never enough, it is also possible to include Soundcloud clips in your product descriptions.

Responsive Videos: Every single video you added by “Woocommerce Videos Plugin” to your product listing responsive by default. Your customer are even able to properly watch video in their phones.

Adjust Video Settings: Woocommerce Videos plugin is fully integrated with Woocommerce. You can add multiple videos to multiple products and customize each video as you want to..!

Product List Video: If you want to showcase your whole shop instead of a single product,  Woocomemrce videos Plugin allows you to a video to your main product listing with the click of a button.

Global Settings: You can change setting for each individual video, but if you want to do it fast, Woocommerce videos plugin allows you to set default settings that will be used whenever you add new video.


WooCommerce Videos Plugin

WooCommerce Videos Plugin


  • Upload and embed videos in products
  • Add multiple videos to one product
  • Add video popups
  • Embed youtube/vimeo or upload your own video
  • Add video to product list
  • Possibility to embed soundcloud
  • Fully Responsive Videos
  • Ability to customize buttons
  • No HTML knowledge required – easily add videos with a single click
  • Supports Unlimited Videos for each product